a family destination

Guédelon Country invites you to wander the trails of the Burgundy Backroads with your family ! With winding roads and quiet trails, Guédelon Country is a vast play ground.
The Burgundy Backroads is the family destination  » par excellence » !

Take a unique and fascinating trip into the past and discover Guédelon, in the heart of the backroads. Constructing a medieval castle from scratch, 50 craftsmen build with the techniques and tools of the 13th century.

Continue discovering the past and throw yourself into the world of farms from the yesteryear: The Farm of Saint Fargeau and the Watermill of Vanneau in Saints en Puisaye propose the young and old to discover and participate in the life of a farm and farmyard.

Knights and princesses, discover the castles of all four corners of the Burgundy Backroads: The veritable fortified medieval castle of Druyes les Belles Fontaines, at the doorstep of the famous Loire castles admire the Château de la Bussière with its « Remarkable Gardens » as well as the castle of Saint Brisson. In the heart of the charming village of Saint Fargeau visit the huge red brick castle and see the surprising sound and light show. You can take a ride in a stagecoach or trap throughout the castle’s grounds.

Come and discover this animal park close to Guédelon! Located around a former priory, Boutissaint is a natural park, with a herd of beautiful deer and fallow deer. The animals live there in freedom in 400 hectares and the visitor meets there at the bend of a path of beautiful herds of wild animals. The park also offers Polish bison, wild boar and mouflon as well as goats, geese and ducks for children.

For the fans of family outings take a ride along the Loire river on bicycles. Stopover in the charming floral village of Briare and take a ride on the Little Train around the town. Before leaving the village visit the Museum of the 2 Marines, that will unveil the secrets of the fantastic « Pont Canal », built by the architect Monsieur Eiffel.

A little further down the trail the House of the Loire du Cher in the village of Belleville reveals the fauna and flora of the Loire.
Yet a few kilometres further in the town of Cosne sur Loire discover the museum of the Loire and the activities proposed for kids.

Now looking to the north of the Burgundy Backroads the museum of Chocolat moulds proposes objects that may seem familiar: « Antique Chocolate casts » that have been part of festive events, Easter, Christmas or other important moments in our lives…

Musée du Moule à Chocolat

110 Rue du Moulin, 89110 Villiers-sur-Tholon
+ 33 3 86 73 32 51 – www.musee-moule-chocolat.com

Château de la Bussière

Château de la Bussière, Rue du Château, 45230 La Bussière, France
+ 33 2 38 35 93 35 –www.chateau-de-la-bussiere.fr

Château de Saint Brisson sur Loire

9 Rue du Château, 45500 Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire, France
+ 33 6 78 02 34 70 –www.chateau-saint-brisson.com

Petit Train de Briare

+ 33 2 38 37 11 94 – www.petit-train-briare.fr

Musée des 2 marines et du Pont Canal

54 Boulevard Buyser, 45250 Briare, France
+ 33 2 38 31 28 27- www.musee-2-marines.com

La Ferme du Château

596 Les Ferriers (Ham), 89170 Saint-Fargeau, France
+33 3 86 00 10 20 – www.lafermeduchateau.com

Château de Saint Fargeau

Le Château, 89170 Saint-Fargeau
03 86 74 05 67 – www.chateau-de-st-fargeau.com

Le Moulin de Vanneau

Moulin de Vanneau, 89520 Saints-en-Puisaye, France
+ 33 3 86 00 10 20 – www.lemoulindevanneau.com


D955, 89520 Treigny, France
+ 33 3 86 45 66 66 – www.guedelon.fr

Parc animalier de Boutissaint

Boutissaint – 89520 Treigny
+ 33 3 86 74 07 08 – www.boutissaint.com

Maison de la Loire du Cher

Route de la Loire 18240 Belleville sur Loire
+ 33 2 48 72 57 32 –www.maisondeloire18.fr

Château de Druyes les Belles Fontaines

15 Rue du Château Fort, 89560 Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines, France
+ 33 3 86 41 51 71 –www.chateau-de-druyes.com

Musée de la Loire

11 Rue Alphonse Baudin, 58200 Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, France
+ 33 3 86 26 71 02 – www.museedelaloire.fr

Moulin de Maupertuis

Rue André Audinet, 58220 Donzy, France
+ 33 3 86 39 39 46 – http://moulindemaupertuis.jimdo.com