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The Burgundy backroads is also a land of contemporary art.

The centre of regional contemporary art can be found at the castle of Tremblay in Fontenoy. It opens it’s doors every year to a range of artists offering something for all ages of visitor !

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A little further north, Acanthe at La Ferté Loupière offers support to artists and welcomes giving them the opportunity to exhibit their works all year round.Their on site shop proposes unique pieces of art ranging from ceramics, sculptures, jewellery and paintings.

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Discover Parly and the center of art at the Metairie Bruyère, recognized for it’s workshops featuring all trades related to printing. Guided visits will help you discover how engravings are realized, as well as the works of lithography and typography. Courses are also available.

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The museum Zervos at Vezelay holds an exhibition of well known 20th century artists such as Picasso, Calder. This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

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The castle of Ratilly, is a veritable medieval fortress dating back to the Renaissance period, It boasts a magnificent dovecote and houses a collection of pottery, made on site. It proposes concerts, shows and exhibitions throughout the year.

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Culturally speaking there is nothing better than to visit the house and gardens of the famous French poet Colette in saint Sauveur en Puisaye. The house is a splendid example of a reconstructed, authentic 19th century Burgundy house and it’s here where the characters in her poems were created.

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Equally come and discover La Charité sur Loire. A town of great repute for it’s natural heritage. Visit the Church of Notre Dame, and simply stroll through the town. In May the town hosts a ‘word’ festival.

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CRAC in Fontenoy


Musée Zervos

Château de Ratilly

La Métaire Bruyère

Maison de Colette

Musée Colette

Maison du visiteur

Prieuré de la Charité sur Loire