Destination Know-How

The Burgundy Backroads is an excellent region for know-how. Ceramics, potters, artistic craftsmen, all sensitive to tradition, will enable you to discover their passion.

In the heart of the Burgundy Backroads, visit the Poterie de la Bâtisse at Moutiers en Puisaye, a real business with a living heritage, Judith and Jean-Louis will immerse you in the atmosphere surrounding an ancient pottery. See their old horizontal oven that dates back to 1787, their workshops from the 1930sand the multiple pottery workshops proposed on site!

Only a stone’s throw from there, in the heart of the village of Saint Amand en Puisaye,you can meet potters that are passionate about their profession, and see their collections: the Poterie des Guimards and Espace Terre.

As for the Maison de la Mémoire Potière, you will visit the workshop and the big woodfired oven that has been left in its original state by Cadet Gaubier since he performed his last firing in 1966. It bears witness to four centuries of pottery tradition at the heart of a site that exudes a special aura.

And if you would like to receive training in these traditions, the Centre de Formation aux Métiers d’Art et de la Céramique at Saint Amand en Puisaye transmits its knowledge of the different techniques via diploma courses and/or qualifications in the ceramics profession, as well as specialised courses that are overseen by ceramists recognised for their creativity and technical ability.

Terres Est Ouest also offers you a wide range of ceramic disciplines. Supervised by Dauphine Scalbert, come and discover these courses of 3 to 5 days. From July to September, a free exhibition invaded the courtyard of the manor!

Finally, the Association des Potiers Créateurs de Puisaye exhibits contemporary ceramics, made by local artists, every year from March to November at the Couvent de Treigny.

A true mediaeval fortress embellished during the Renaissance period, notably by a magnificent dovecote, the Château de Ratilly at Treigny would like to invite you to see its pottery craft workshop, and also proposes contemporary art exhibitions, courses, concerts and shows throughout the year.

Poterie de la Batisse

2 bis la Bâtisse, 89520 Moutiers en Puisaye

+ 33 3 86 45 68 00 –

Association des Potiers créateurs de Puisaye

Le Couvent 4/8 rue du Couvent, 89520 Treigny
+ 33 3 86 74 75 38 –

Château de Ratilly

Ratilly 89520 Treigny
+ 33 3 86 74 67 37 –

Maison de la Mémoire Potière

Association les Amis de la Poterie Cadet Gaubier
58310 Saint Amand en Puisaye
+ 33 3 86 39 63 01 –

Poterie les Guimards

Les Guimards, 58310 Saint Amand en Puisaye
+ 33 3 86 39 60 31 – www.les

Espace terre

8 grande rue 58310 Saint Amand en Puisaye
+ 33 3 86 39 42 45 –

EMA CNIFOP Centre de Formation Céramique

21 route de Saint Sauveur, 58310 Saint Amand en Puisaye
+ 33 3 86 39 60 17 –