an unusual destination

Are you looking for originality the next time you visit France? In the Burgundy Backroads, we can offer you the chance to sleep in a cabin, in a Romany caravan, in a yourte… And in order to prolong the adventure,visits to unusual sites and fun filled activities !

There is actually a place in the Burgundy backroads that has sprung straight out the imagination,where adults, with their heads in the clouds, have created extraordinary works of art by recycling different objects! The highlight of this collection is the Manège de Petit-Pierre that is to be found turning at the bottom of the Fabuloserie Park at Dicy.

In Puisaye Forterre, discover a place that is both mysterious and captivating: La Carrière d’Aubigny. A truly inverted Cathedral, the quarry still carries the traces of the only tools used by the quarry men.

The Burgundy Backroads are surrounded by famous vineyards: Chablis, Saint Bris le Vineux, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé… With Au Cœur du vin, discover the vineyards of Yonne in a Citroen 2 CV! An initiation in wine tasting, cellar tours, apérotasting… Eric will enable you to relish a unique and original experience.

Finally, let yourself be tempted by a real-life escape game: the Escape Game at Batilly en Puisaye. You will be shut in a room for 1 hour, hunting for clues, solving puzzles and trying to get out of the room before the return of Docteur Grandiot.

In Le Bois Guillaume, you will also solve puzzles, open padlocks and many more surprises to discover what mystery hangs in the hut Marcellin Mouillard. Can you control your nerves in this brand new Escape Game?


A cabaret in the country really is possible! La Ruche Gourmande at Perreux proposes a musical show : Au delà du miroir ! Awell thought out version that revisits one of the absolute classics, the choice of the sections, the original arrangements, the top-class choreography and cast…

You will find all of the unusual accommodation to be found in the Burgundy Backroads here

La Fabuloserie

2 Rue Traversière, 89120 Dicy, France
+33 3 86 63 64 21 –

La Ruche Gourmande

6 Les Delomas, 89120 Perreux, France
+ 33 3 86 91 63 41 –

Escape Game à Villeneuve les Genêts

Camping le Bois Guillaume Lieu dit « Le Bois Guillaume », 89350 Villeneuve-les-Genêts, France
+ 33 3 86 45 45 41

Escape Game à Batilly en Puisaye

Family Ecolodge, 45420 Batilly-en-Puisaye, France
+33 2 38 31 83 20 –

Carrière souterraine d'Aubigny

Aubigny, 89560 Taingy, France
+ 33 3 86 41 91 90 –

Au coeur du vin

Eric Szablowski
1 rue neuve du Prieuré, 89800 Chichée, France
+ 33 3 86 18 96 35 – + 33 6 80 68 23 76 –