a nature destination

Longing for a pause « nature »? Discover the magnificent wild areas of the Burgungy Backroads. Split between the Burgundy and the Center regions, the diversity of the landscapes becomes its biggest strength.

In the heart of the Puisaye, mixes a perfect harmony of forests, fields, rivers, lakes and ponds. At this crossroads of regions we invite you to live an experience that resembles yourself!

Amateur of thrills and sport lovers, the Burgundy Backroads is the destination you need! At the « Park of the Bois de la Folie » in Treigny you live adventure and adrenaline in the tree tops with eleven exciting trails for young and old!

Further south at the gateway of the Morvan region, plunge into the heart of nature and prepare to live unique experiences: rafting, canoeing, adventure park, trail biking and trekking on Segways at the village of Saint Père sous Vézelay.

Extend your stay at the lake Bourdon in the heart of the Burgundy Backroads, the Leisure Base in Saint Fargeau proposes canoe, paddle and biking…. A moment to share in complete calm! If you prefer having feet on firm ground choose a trek on horseback around the lake with the Ferme Equestre « Les Grilles ».

Canoe on the Loire river or fly a micro light! The next stop-over at la Maison de Loire du Cher you discover the fauna and flora of the valley of the Loire.

Finally in the Burgundy Backroads you find also the magnificent gardens classed in the « Remarkable Gardens » of France: the gardens of the Bussière castle.

Geocaching is an original and free way of discovering our territory. By foot or biking, leave on a real treasure chase – life size! Use the specific coordinates to try and find a box called « cache » hidden in all four corners of the Puisaye!

To rent your bicycle :

Jardins du Château de la Bussière

Château de la Bussière, Rue du Château, 45230 La Bussière, France
+ 33 2 38 35 93 35 – www.chateau-de-la-bussiere.fr

Ferme équestre Les Grilles

548 Les Grilles, 89170 Saint-Fargeau, France
+ 33 3 86 74 12 11 – www.lehameaudesgrilles.com

Base de Loisirs du Bourdon

Base de Loisirs Daniel BAILLY – Lac du Bourdon – 89 170 Saint Fargeau
+ 33 3 86 74 04 07 – www.baseloisirs-bourdon.com

Parc du Bois de la Folie

D185, 89520 Treigny, France
+ 33 3 86 74 70 33 – www.natureadventure.fr

Centre Equestre de Toucy

La sablonnière
89130 Toucy

+33 (0)6 70 48 74 86 – sylvie.volat@orange.fr

Maison de Loire du Cher