Key Events

Between Burgundy and the Loire, the Pays de Guédelonis punctuated by major events: Festivals, shows, markets…
You will find a list below of the major events that are held every year, or nearly every year!

Festival du Mot de La Charité-sur-Loire 2016

The Festival du Mot de la Charité sur Loire from 25 to the 29 May 2016,is a festival where words are at the heart of each creation. Theatre, music, dance, graphic arts, etc…, All forms of art are welcome and are used in the support for words.

Festival Format Raisins in the sancerrois

4th edition of the Festival Format Raisins from 30 June to the 17 July 2016.

Included in the programme: concerts, shows, dances, literary encounters, winetasting…

The Festival includes 70 events within 15 communes around the Loire !

Historic show at Saint-Fargeau

For the last 30 years, the show at the château of Saint-Fargeau has been lighting up the summer nights in July and August. For nearly 2 hours, 600 actors and 50 horsemenreenact10 centuries of history. Hundreds of ghosts surging back from the past enable you to relive the history of Saint-Fargeau and its region.

Ceramic Festival at the Couvent de Treigny

The 5th Ceramic Festival at the Couvent de Treigny in Yonne. Taking place during the 2nd weekend of August, the ceramic Festival is an unmissable rendezvous for tourists and collectors. Grouped together on one site, in the Couvent Orchard, come and see the diverse presentations that revolve around ceramics (pottery market, conferences, film shows, modelling workshops…).

Fireworks at Rogny les 7 écluses

Saturday, 30th of July 2016, the biggest firework display presented by an Association in France, will light up the sky for its 50th year, the historic site of the Sept-écluses (7 locks). A remarkable work of art which, in September 1642, enabled a boat to pass from the Loire to the Seine for the first time by going down the 24 metres of water staircase at Rogny.

History show in Saint Fargeau


89170 Saint Fargeau, France – + 33 3 86 74 05 67


Fireworks in Rogny les 7 écluses

+ 33 3 86 74 53 11 –  



Festival de céramique au Couvent de Treigny


Association de Potiers Créateurs de Puisaye
Le Couvent
89520 Treigny
+ 33 3 86 74 75 38 –

Festival Format Raisins dans le sancerrois

+33 (0)1 53 81 96 41-

Festival du Mot de La Charité-sur-Loire

+33 3 86 69 68 15 – + 33 6 78 47 16 76